Features Details

human resource management

:In addition to the program content for employees, the following will appear to the employees of the Human Resources Department

  • Receiving requests from employees and showing all requests with their division (leave - permission - assignment..etc)
  • The ability to take leave for all employees (other than the specified vacation days) with one click
  • Preparing work regulations (regulations of attendance and departure - delays and permissions - overtime - vacations

- Shifts - Excluding attendance for some employees)

  • The possibility of housing employees in certain lists, and they can also be placed temporarily on a certain list
  • The possibility of placing employees on a list after their presence on this list for a period .. and recalculating salaries

. According to the new regulation

  • The possibility of issuing many reports of attendance and departure
  • You can add or search for a specific employee and modify his data
  • You can download an Excel file containing the employees and their data, and then they are registered on the system directly with one click


  • Show the job structure of the company and the possibility of modification