Features Details


  • Employee login to the system
  • The possibility of making a request for each of

(leave - permission - assignment - extra time calculation - disbursement of vacation balance allowance - advance - custody - training)

    • The possibility of recording attendance and departure through the GPS system
    • View basic employee data

(Personal data - education, work and experience data - justifications for his appointment)

    • Detailed display of his attendance and departure times for a specific time period
    • Detailed display in terms of salary (total salary - basic salary - advances - bonuses - discounts -

 Penalties - Insurance - Taxes - Overtime)

    • Leaves display (approved leaves - those rejected) and leave balances are displayed


  • He was presented with all the tasks and works required of him .. with the possibility of opening a new task for himself
  • View all important files of the company (appointment letter / job description / exit permission / return notice) as

It can be saved as an image, printed or sent to the archive within the employee file

    • View all current and previous trainings and courses for the employee in the company
    • View employee evaluations that have been created by other employees and the ability to make an evaluation for any

company employee

  • Employee-specific settings by modifying the login data for the system.