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The practice of standardized data entry throughout the system.

The system is designed to cover all your needs in the human resources department

The system provides a flexible method for introducing employees to the facility in a structured manner according to the departments sectors and jobs

Accurate and comprehensive recording of employee information and data is the main goal for this system

Document archiving system through which all employee paper belongings can be tracked

The system allows an employee of a group of employees to be assigned a specific task and then follow up on this The task in terms of achievement as

The system allows entering multiple evaluation items with an average setting for each item and to reach the final evaluation from the sum of the input evaluations.

The system provides an automatic alert when the (leave-permission-assignment) is approved or when reject it

The system allows you to register an unlimited number of (document templates) ready to be used

In addition to the content of the program .. the following will appear for employees: Vacations display - View all important files in the company - View employee evaluations - View all current training and courses - ....

In addition to the content of the program for employees, the following will be shown to the employees of the Human Resources Department: Receiving requests from employees and showing all requests with their division (leave - permission - task ..